+titan debirioun+

I never thought that the hip hop community in Melbourne will such this interesting!! Anyways turns out that the hip hop community in Melbourne is interesting enough for anyone to check out, and trust me its worth it to check out Titan Debirioun! I mean although we are not in Hampton, he is one of the prominent artists at the scene in Victoria. Hopefully we can meet up one day for doing a creative project together, if you see this post Titan, please check out my artwork at @thegoodtheweird and my personal instagram @yohanabelindaa.

I personally love the music that he put out on the social media, well his most accessible music platform is through Soundcloud. I love the music, his aesthetic is something different from the Australian hiphop act that I’ve seen (the one in Eminem’s and Ed Sheeran’s concert). I am just over the moon at the moment seeing that there is something different on the hip hop community in Melbourne. Indeed on the documentary that he was in, I saw how he would like to change the negativity along his community, and young people in general. Dreams is one of his most recent releases, and I think it’s a beautiful video.

So anyways, culturally speaking definitely Titan and me are two different personalities, however, we do experience discriminations. Well I do watched the ABC News “The Truth About African Crime in Melbourne“, and in a glance I think Titan’s musical style is something that I would like to listen to, besides that Titan also part of the Activist in his community, which is a very positive activity. The thing is racism happens everywhere, and the documentary actually highlighting the gang crimes that happen in Melbourne, and I do agree that Titan said you can really judge the crimes based on the race. And I guess Raheem Sterling is right, there is always racism everywhere, and I guess the more ignorant, the worst it will become 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story Titan, and I hope you are keep inspiring to others 🙂

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