+favourite SMTM 4 moments+

Hello there, I’m just going to do something really quick..firstly I starting watching Show Me the Money since their fourth season, well definitely one of the reason because I’m a fan of Song Minho…so you know…why. But anyways on season four actually the show making more newer songs, like in terms of the beats, because like you can see on third season YGGR is originally by the ILLIONARE Records, I LOVE BOBBY, hence its not that exciting for me, they even re create G-Dragon’s That XX. Anyways although Fear by Song Minho is the most notable song..and I think it’s even Song Minho’s staple song.

So I made the list for the season four of which songs that I love the most. I think Innovator’s More Than A TV Star is one of the good ones especially he got Lee Hi with him, so Lee Hi’s voice is really making the contrast of this song, this season is good for the Jinussean’s fans because they don’t really appear on TV that much, and they don’t release a lot of new music, so you can check their new songs on the show. This season was surprisingly one of the good ones, but my favourite season is actually season 5! (there is no Mino on that season). I’m so surprised that actually there is connotation between the rappers and the idol rappers, which at some point I don’t think it makes sense, but make sense at the same time.

Lil Boi actually one of my favourite contestant, yup you guys are right he is one of the judges on the newest season of this show, although Lil Boi didn’t make that far on season 4, but overall he got an amazing stage, Oppa Car  was one of the most fun song to listen to, there’s an issue with this one, there’s a mis communication with the contestant Superbee, which apparently Superbee made another numerous appearance with this show, but he keeps on entertaining us! what do you think about this season? let me know on the comment section..and what’s your favourite season?

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