+dave’s psychodrama review+

Finally the album is here…by DAVE PSYCHODRAMA! and I’ll be giving a review of Park Bom’s newest song tomorrow as soon as it released! since I have a night class..so it’s going to be a productive day for me. Anyways we are going to start reviewing the album!!! yeayyy and I’m very happy finally the album is out. Before the whole album is out he dropped out the music video of BLACK that was focusing on the racial inequalities in the UK.

Dave released BLACK as the main single of this album, which you can find more detail of the music video over here. The whole album is talking about the mental health issue, and racial inequality that black people are facing in the UK. This particularly highlighting during the World Cup as well, but kudos to Gareth Southgate that unite a more diverse squad during the World Cup, but unfortunately Raheem Sterling facing the racial issues even before the World Cup started, and at the moment he is on fire with his club (proud fan)

The first track is talking about depression, and I have to say that this album is just way too perfect, and I don’t really know which one is my favourite. You can listen on the intro that a psychiatrist starting a conversation, which I think it’s very engaging to the listeners. I think this album is taking deeper issues like domestic abuse like on track 2, and I think it’s very refreshing for someone brave enough to expressing his thoughts, and I think a lot of people are having the image that living in the UK is like living in a fairytale with all the glitz and glamour, but it’s something a bit far from the truth. There is a crime as well, gang issues and the gang issues are very different from the gang crimes that happening in the US, for example on the track called Environment. The album recieved a perfect score from a review like Complex, The Guardian, and NME. I think this is one of the best album released by far in 2019, in fact I think its almost like a poetic book, the rhymes, the flow, the meaning, everything is co-relate with one another.

The song Lesley with Ruelle reminds me of Tupac’s Brenda Got A Baby, I mean it’s about having baby, but it was unplanned. It’s also highlighting how hard living in the community, and how hard it is having a baby at such a young age, because Dave, and I are the same age probably its very difficult being parents in our adolescence age. And I really appreciate Dave’s song at this point, he is such a true poet.

I think when someone criticised me for listening to rap music, I guess there’s a deeper meaning than being a swag itself! It’s another way to relate with people, part of story telling, and its a poet really. I think at some point when I decided myself to learn about journalism after I graduate, I hope I could help someone in the future through the media channel.

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