+rap or go to the league by 2chainz+

I could say that 2 Chainz was part of my life since I was able to watch Hollywood movies, Fast and Furious have been one of the biggest movie franchise that working with hip hop musicians from Wiz Khalifa, to Teriyaki Boyz (check them out and you’ll love them, and I’ll put the review of their album soon!), and 2 Chainz also part of the movie soundtrack too, like We Own It, and more.

Rap Or Go To the League is 2 Chainz’s fifth studio album, and on this album he got few collaborations that might shook you out, and for the hip hop fans they are such an amazing collaborations happening. To be fair I might like this album better than Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. Anyways the collaborations include Travis Scott (I love Sicko Mode so bad), Kendrick Lamar (such a legend), Ariana Grande (I mean she’s been awesome with her exploration through music), Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne among others. The basketball legend Lebron James also part of the executive producer…I mean that’s amazing right?

I don’t really have particular favourite on this album because I think that 2 Chainz doing his best just yet! It received generally high reviews from Metracritic, and many others, the album scored mostly distinction-high distinction according to the reviewer. And its more than just an album, for 2 Chainz himself is part of his journey, he gave the fans some advices too. But there are some good ones from this album that you might love it as much as I do.

  1. Statue of Limitations
  2. Momma I Hit A Lick
  3. Rule the World
  4. I’m Not Crazy Life Is

And don’t forget to tell me what’s your favourite song from this album! on the comment section below!

“With the title of the album, Rap or Go to the League, it’s more of an audiobook type of vibe. It’s free game, you unconsciously just might pick up on some type of knowledge but in a cool way, you know what I’m saying? We have to keep the kids engaged. So I talk about everything from taxes to the NCAA and they all have substance to them, they all have concepts to them, and they’re all personal things that I’ve been through.”

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