+yang hyunsuk by yang hyunsuk+

He released this album back in 1998, probably I was just still a baby when this album was released. But I’m always curious if Mr. Yang is similar or Mr. JY. Park in musical style, and what makes Mr. Yang always got the trade mark of YG SWAG I think in a way they are totally different kind of person (Mr. JY. Park and Mr. Yang). I feel like from the beginning of his musical career, with the Seo Taji and Boys, Mr. Yang always interested in the hip hop music, and R&B music, no wonder their artists are mainly focusing on its rap, and dance, because it’s what Mr. Yang was expert on.

1) 악마의 연기 (Smoke Of The Devil) ft. Perry 2) 널 버리지마 (Don’t Lose Yourself) ft. 1TYM & Perry  3) 아무도 안믿어 (Don’t Believe Anyone) 4) 무시 (Disregard) ft. Perry 5) 한번만이라도 (Just Once)  6) 약한자가 패배하는 세상 (A World Where The Weak Is Defeated)  7) Lights, Camera, Action ft Jinusean & Perry 8) 잊혀질때까지는 널 사랑할께 (I’ll Love You Till The Day I Forget You)

The bold blue colour song titles are my favourite from this album…just in case if you ask why do you have time looking for it, well my uni isn’t starting yet, and I’m always curious about hip hop music all around the world, they have different stories behind it, hence the fans I thank the fans because they really helpful for uploading stuffs that’s very hard to find, and because they are “vintage”. Other than that the music video for Smoke of the Devil is pretty awesome for 1998’s released. It’s definitely showing the YG artists style, like Bigbang’s Monster. It setted up in a post-apocalyptic world, and there are starvation everywhere, children are crying, I think there is almost no sign about human-life, to be honest its a bit uncomfortable to see Mr. Yang on a music video, but its refreshing to listening to what he’s been creating as an artist himself. And there’s Perry that featured on the song, we got to listen 1TYM collaboration with Mr. Yang himself, and they used to have like the YG Familieum, and I hope in the future YG Family will able to do the same thing. 

My favourite track got to be the last one, 잊혀질때까지는 널 사랑할께 (I’ll Love You Till The Day I Forget You) I think the song title is surprisingly so long, almost like Ariana’s Break Up with Your Girlfriend I’m Bored…but anyways the song is my favourite. It’s mainly based on the R&B tempo, and its a love song, I don’t expect for Mr. Yang to sing like that, especially its a different vibe from Smoke of the Devil, but its also reminds me of Taeyang’s vibes, I think I could see why YG artists are so talented, and very artistic, because apparently, their boss is just the same!

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