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here we are on March, but we are already be blessed with so many releases. Park Bom teaser for Spring, with Sandara Park releasing it’s teaser and it’s a pretty teaser with Park Bom on the garden, with so many flowers surrounding her, like her name Bom that represent spring, where you could see every grass turns green, and flowers bloom. I could say its all the beginning all over again, and as fan I will support you! The mini album will composed of 3 songs,  Spring, My Lover, and Ashamed hopefully the mini album will doing well with the charts!

Sunmi also back with the song called Noir, its shares some pretty, yet eerie pictural, yet the video has such a deep meaning. As an artist I really appreciate Sunmi for being antimainstream and creates things that she loves. For example a lot of female artists are tend to look “pretty” on camera, yet Sunmi able to give like a stare, and moves that different from any choreograph music video. What I love about Sunmi is that her work represents her as a strong woman, and yet she’s not posing racy, or doing the dance that overly sexy. Anyways on the music videos she will risks anything for the likes of her social media, acting she’s enjoying her life, but in reality she’s not enjoying her life at all.

Anyways don’t you know that some k pop older songs are really good up to these days? I know the songs from variety shows like 2 Days and 1 Night, and New Journey to the West, some I heard when Running Man still have Kang Gary.  Like FreeStyle’s Mino, I knew him from an episode of 2Days 1Night, and I really thought his musics are actually great! I’ve posted things for FreeStyle here I mean the song has been covered by artists like Myun Do, and Kei from Lovelyz, and you guys can check it out here.

FreeStyle – Please Tell Me Why 

Pastel Blue ft JinJoo FreeStyle’s Mino

Tei – Love Leaves It’s Scent

And we also have a little YG moments with Danny Im aka TAEBIN, although he’s not active as a singer, but some his songs are still amazing for today’s listener.

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  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    From Kpop, Sumni might be my favorite release of the month. Been awhile since I’ve seen a kpop MV with that kind of tone.


    1. Yeah and I can’t wait for Park Bom as well


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