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Alright guys, so over the holiday I decided to watch k dramas, I am a fan of Ju Ji Hoon, and because he is more than just a good looking face, he starred in romantic comedy, action, noir, animation, and more. His roles are very diverse as well, so I’ve watched his film Asura for a few years ago, and his drama Mask is my favourite. But just in case you haven’t watch it yet, you need to check them out, and as for the soundtrack I’m going to linked them all again, and some that are not on the lists yet.

Firstly if you do watched Coffee Prince, you must loving the drama Princess Hours, where Ju Ji Hoon appeared as a Crown Prince for the first time. Well to this day he’s been 3 times as a Crown Prince, and we couldn’t say no! I mean he’s been a Crown Prince in ; Princess Hours, I Am a King, and the latest one is Kingdom! Well but with Princess Hours I could say he was so romantic, with the song from Howl & J with a song called Perhaps Love. The drama regarded as the new opening era for K Wave at that time, and guess what I was in my primary 1!

The lyrics was about falling in love, well just in case you have no idea with the drama, is about a Crown Prince that need to get married so soon, but they ended up falling in love, well it may not be happening in real life (most likely), but the story was super funny, because they were in high school in the story. The next one there’s a song from Stay with the song title I’m a Fool which I think is describing the way that the character meeting up. Anyways not only that, the song by Shim Tae Yun called I Love You I Love You also such a refreshing R&B hip hop inspired song. By the way, if only they have the drama where instagram is exist, I think the whole soundtrack from this drama will even getting more popular, and attention.

After all the drama was released back in 2006, and yet this drama is such a legendary drama, they able to maintain the popularity of this drama up to this day, and their actors and actresses are still having their moments in the entertainment industry like Song Ji Hyo with Running Man, Ju Ji Hoon has been successful with his movies appearances, which I think his movies are so diverse for each characters, and I think he developed well as a grown up actor.

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