+when i get home album review+

hi guys, happy Saturday! so Solange just released an album called When I Get Home the album. The album featured other artists like Gucci Mane, Playboy Carti, Sampha, and Standing in the Corner. The album is composed on mostly R&B, and hip hop music, and she used the platform called BlackPlanet a platform of social networking for African Americans, so I think its a very powerful statement from her. As you know that racism against African Americans are still happening, so for someone like Solange supporting the community, is very huge for the community.

The album is composed on 19 songs, and I personally loving all of the songs, considering the beat that she choose, firstly although its also featured the hottest rappers at the moment, the songs are not making us tired of hearing the songs after so many times. I guess I love the whole entire album, and for sure everyone need to give it a try on this album. The song vibes reminds me of Mista, especially the song called Almeda, which is a R&B group on the 1990s, they split up in the 1997s, to 1998s. I think the song Almeda is one of the songs that contained deep meaning regarding about the race, and social issues that African American face.

Flo is one of my favourite from the album as well, in this album Solange really expressing her feelings, and most importantly her vocals, and some part when she raps, I personally think that she is definitely showing her own artistic sides along the years. There’s no music video out yet for this album, but definitely I’m waiting for it, as you know the songs are very interesting. I think this album will be getting so much love, even if you are not a fan or R&B and hip hop music, considering that the music are just so chill, and beautiful. And without further a do, definitely give me your idea what do you think about this album, and what is your favourite song?

Most of the songs are really giving you this chill moments, and dreamy times, even there is a track called Dreams on this album, Time (is) is also one of my favourites from the album, I usually very picky on an album, and going to picked out 3 songs, and sometimes 5 songs, depending on how many songs are on the album, or EP. Moreover I think is a well made album studio, and it deserved a whole recognition for the ideas, and the work.

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