+offset’s father of 4 review+

hi guys have you check out Offset’s Father of 4 album ? I think the album is just amazing. The thing is I’m very excited to see what’s coming in 2019, since there are going to be so many releases, for example Solange just released an album, and many artists all around the world are preparing their album to come out soon like YG Entertainment’s Eun Ji Won, Lee Hi, and D-Nation’s Park Bom (next week), so check it out, and update my blog page for more updates. The cover feature Offset’s kids, and they look so cute together, despite that his songs are something that won’t disappoint the fans.

By far there is only 1 music video released for this album for the song called Quarter Milli by featuring Gucci Mane. The video featured on how Offset and Gucci Mane doing some robbery duties. I believe the meaning of the music video is representing how hard their life is, the word thug seems to be very cool at times, but it wasn’t. Its also talking about lean just in case you guys don’t know what it is, its a drug from coughing syrup, and soda like sprite. And the drugs actually destroying Offset’s kidney (so people don’t do drugs).

The song that I really like is How Did I Get Here featuring J. Cole, and J. Cole is one of the hottest artist at the moment. He managed to be one of the most featured artists back in 2018, including his collaboration with Ari Lennox for Creed 2 soundtrack. Furthemore the song HDIGH is a really cool song, making sure that work hard is going to win a thing from anything, so don’t be sad guys, because we all have our different opportunities out there.

Definitely Offset was in a drama with Cardi B not so a long time ago, but I guess everything already went well together, and I really hope the best for him, and her. At the intro for Father of 4 is really “fatherly”, and its about being a dad, I think its a really his journey, and I really appreciate it on how he putting all the diaries in to a body of work, it might not content all the details, but we all are humans, and we are all having our own problems.

Definitely loving this album, one of the best album released this year, and I definitely would like to recommend it to everyone!

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