hii guys, so I just came back from my holiday from Indonesia, to be fair I miss Indonesia already, although I got to see Eminem in the first place, but I’m more excited to see my self being back to Indonesia. Anyhow, J Cole just came back from the released of Middle Child music video…guys I deleted my YouTube account, and create a new one because someone hacked my account…but I still got more videos to show you all around! By the way in this post, its going to be such a random post! sooo be ready! you’ll see from J Cole to (G)IDLE

J Cole is one of my facourite artists at the moment, maybe he will be on my next list for my concert review…just to let you guys know that any concerts reviews on this blog are the concerts that I attended by myself. J Cole dedicated the song to his community, from the music industry why he should be taken seriously to his community, and his intentions to help them out from the difficult situations. here He also talk about his thoughts regarding Drake, but at the end of the day, hip hop is such an interesting industry you able to see the dissing between the rappers, and you’ll get to see when all these rappers are trying to embrace their community, and making their lives a little better, for example I think Drake is pretty charitable on his God’s Plan music video.

G(IDLE) just released a new music video as well, Senorita..well congratulations on your 100 Million views on your music video debut for LATATA, I guess they are playing the A game at the moment, although they are not coming from the BIG 3 agencies, they don’t really have to worry regarding their musical artistry, because they are able to write their own songs! I do think that their leader, Soyeon is really capable to write and produced their own music, and Soyeon actually wrote fro CLC’s comeback titled No, I guess in KPOP the lyrics are different from other musical genre, they often highlighting girl power, love, and being different is awesome despite that being Asian in the music industry is definitely tough.

We also have Khalid who just came back with Saturday Nights with Kane Brown! I love the chill vibes from the music itself I just its just having their own romantic feels. Anyhow Kane Brown’s voice is just amazing, and turns out that he used to be part of X Factor, but glad he’s not on the boyband. I actually prefer solo artist compare to a boyband because you can explore more on your artistry when you’re going solo.  I personally didn’t expect that he’s a country artist too! probably there will be a Taylor Swift collab in the future (if Tay decides to be back to country music)

Just for your information, Park Bom is coming back on March 13 So MARK YOUR DATE.

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