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Hiii guys I just realised that I have written something over and over, but today I would like to write something a bit new, you guys are allow to comments if I wrote something the same ones. Today’s artist will be Nariaki Obukuro I mean he is just amazing…to all the LAUV fans! you guys need to check him out. Not only as an artist himself, but Nariaki also part of his own record label called Tokyo Recordings.

He was part of Utada Hikaru’s Fantome album, and they did a collaboration for the album, but for Nariaki himself they collaborated on the song Lonely One which happened to be his debut single as well. You guys can check out Selfish as well, the song is super chill, you may not understand what he is saying, but from the feelings of the voice, I guess somehow you just able to connect with the music. I guess Nariaki and Kenshi Yonezu should collaborate in the future, they could make up to the Western market if the fans going a little bit crazier.

His debut album is called Bunriha no Natsu and he actually reminds me of HONNE as well, so I hope they could collaborate as well in the future. Daydreaming in Guam is also an easy listening song from the album, I guess he really has a good taste towards the music. Summer Reminds Me, is also song that you could listen to while having a trip, I picturing Okinawa in my head.Myogadani Nite is also a unique sound of song I’m not sure what kind of music that you guys are currently listening too, but I’ll suggest you to listening to him! I guess Japan really offer a new era of pop culture, it may not be highlighted that big in the social media, but we can help them! Natsu No Yume is also my favourite song from the album, I guess at this moment I just falling in love with the whole album. Let me know if you heard him already! 🙂

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  1. RisefromAshes says:

    I haven’t heard of him prior to Utada’s song but you’ve reminded me to check him out!


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