+hiroomi tosaka’s full moon+

Hii guys I finally got back with a Japanese content! yeayyy! I just knew that Hiroomi Tosaka was releasing a new album! I may a bit late for that! However without further a do, lets take a look on the playlist. I’ve seen the music video, and the music video reaction by the fans, I think music is just a preference from the people, for me the songs are okay, the fans who did the reaction said Hiroomi shares similar vibes with Taeyang, but I think its a good thing.

I have to say that the songs are based on R&B, a little trap, and hip hop music. I think I really appreciate the hardwork of Hiroomi making this first album. Going back to the music video, I think the music video reminds me of vampire, and wereworlf movie, you can see the contact lenses, and obviously the full moon. I think the video is fine, it is indeed reminds me of Taeyang’s vibes, but they are on the same agency in Japan…so I don’t think it matters! I just if you’re not a fan of the main song Full Moon, you need to check out the lists of the album (I linked everything down)

One Last Time, Not For Me, Wasted Love and Diamond Sunset are my favourite songs from this album, I’m surprised that they didn’t make it as a A side track rather than a B side tracks. I have to say that Hirromi proofing himself that he is a capable artist that able to do a solo career, despite a strong member of a popular boy group. I can’t really said a bad thing for sure, because making an album isn’t easy, and it is understandable that its his first album, so the preparation might be different from a group released, and your opinions are more being considerate when you’re a solo artist (maybe). But one thing for sure….hope for the next release of the album will be better ! gooo HIROOMI

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