+every single reason to check yg’s artists+


Even now it’s hard for the fans to fall in love with YG sangjangnim…we blamed him for the album delays, and basically everything, but love it or hate him…he let anyone on the agency to be creative as they could. I know that the fans of Blackpink is waiting for Rosé’s solo to come out, but it’s not out yet…so her birthday YG at least give the glimpse of her voice by covering Halsey’s song

Not only that he gave a glimpse of information of when will BLACKPINK will release their album…which is “soon” however we need to remember that CL and Lee Hi have been out of the radar for a while now, and even One is out the radar. With the YG variety show like Producer 101 it break bunch of fans, I have to admit that they lost bunch of trainees too, even some of the trainees that are popular (not even on the show) are out from YG before the show. One of them is actually the Japanese trainee Noa, but Noa has been doing great with his Youtube, where he shows his production skills as well.

I could say losing Noa is one of the greatest lost, he got the language skills that are actually helpful for international communication as well. But rumour has it that he wants to be an artist himself in the future, so let’s hoping everything the best, even star like Kenshi Yonezu got views recognition with a lot of his music videos are over 100 million views.

Going back to ONE he uploaded some videos on Instagram, and I personally think they are such a cool songs, with a trap style rap ONE actually impressed me with his tougher style, rather than a flower boy look. I do have to say that it’s a sad thing that ONE only got 2 songs by far, he has a lot of fun with Millenium too, and BI. I think although Lee Byong Gun isn’t part of YG anymore but he also has been active in the online music world..so don’t hesitate to check on him.

After all the present and past YG members are just lit right? They practically can do anything…I’m just amazed, even their song cover project is just lit! We need more kind of this project in the future like a release every Friday ??

Last but not least..I guess I already posted some stuffs regarding the trainees’ soundcloud account, so please check by your own at the Kpop section or this blog. I think I haven’t post about Yedam’s U, and Purple Sky..so check it out

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