+revisiting taeyang’s music+

Is anyone here missing Taetang already? I mean his music is undeniably good, his voice is just amazing, and I love the way that he sang every song, as the songs their own soul. Although his latest album didn’t get the attention that he deserved, I still think Taeyang hasn’t lost his talent and popularity. The fact that when BIGBANG debuted the 100Million Views wasn’t a thing, and social media wasn’t huge as today. In fact, the internet also part of the problems back in the day, remember that the videos weren’t clear as now, and we have to wait on MTV (just in case you got MTV, or Channel V).

If anyone still remembers the song Only Look At Me (the song that I discovered not so long ago), he did it all from the dance to singing, I feel like the older videos before the 2012 kpop wave was highly inspired by the US music videos style, for example like Ne-Yo, and I think the trend now is going back, like before 2012. Taeyang is evolving as an artist, and I’m not mad with the direction of Only Look At Me. But even back then, before the revolution of 2012, YG already get their own style, and its just swag, like the adaption from the US music industry, that’s why the YG Artists are supposedly received well by the western music, if they got promoted equally, and if they have more exposure (oops sorry but its true 😦 )

But to be fair my favourite music video and song got to be Wedding Dress, I mean the whole music video of R&B music on the 2000-2010s actually able to make us feel like falling in love for no reason right? I would say that I would like to suggest Taeyang for Ne-Yo’s fans, but I got to be honest that Taeyang seems to be more consistent with his music. I mean for example, although White Night wasn’t huge as his RISE album, but White Night got more recognition from the Billboard charts compare to Good Man by Ne-Yo. so I decided to linked up Bigbang’s cover of So Sick, where it is my favourite song.

Anyways I decided that this post is going to be before the released of Rise, so the music videos are quite old! but I hope you’re going to enjoy it. Even for the music video Where U At, I mean look at him just such a talented singer, dancer, I heard he also part of rapper position back in the training days, but he is such a complete package, Min Hyo Rin is such a lucky girl! Anyhow can’t wait for him to release a new music soon again.


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