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bigbang made


BIGBANG MADE is BIGBANG’s last album before enlisting to military service, which is a mandatory rule for any male South Korean. MADE itself is an abbreviation of Music or Muse, A for Art, D for Design, and E for Emotion. The album MADE itself received so many praised. There are some reviews regarding the album. Pitchfork also listed BIGBANG as their essential guide to K-Pop music.

Well I know that’s its a bit late to show up with this review, however, does any VIPs here on my blog? Clearly, I started this blog out of nowhere since 2018, and I miss BIGBANG soo much. G Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P. and Daesung will be released soon, but Seungri will just started his journey towards the mandatory military service. Can we take a look of the journey of the whole BIGBANG MADE? can you tell me your favourite BIGBANG MADE song(s) on the comment section? 


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The MADE was made out of different series through Music Arts Designs Emotions definitely the group has been through a lot of things since their debut. At the end of the day paving the whole music industry for the next generations is definitely isn’t the easy task ever, they need to push everything harder. Here’s you can see why social media is actually helping to boosting your image, and sales.but without further a do ! here’s are my favourite from the album.

I picked out 4 songs from the completed album, and here’s why. Firstly in this album BIGBANG showing that they are a group that aged together and have been through the phase of falling in love, feel like a loser at some points due to fame, and the criticisms that being pointed at them. And then as they are approaching their 30s they have to go to the military service, which its also part of them growing up, and the fans also hoping that they are will be back after the military service.

The only thing is that when BIGBANG came to Australia I didn’t go to their concert, although I went to GDragon’s MOTTE concerts from his album of Kwon Ji Yong, people said people are going to change when they are in their 30s hence I could say that I would like to see the artistry after they are approaching 30s. Obviously the BIGBANG’s fans are mostly older than me, and it is understandable that they are not streaming the music videos at all time, because music videos is a tool that helping the visuals of the lyrical content, but the music itself is the most important thing.

Clearly, the relationship between the kpop industry and the business industry is inter-related, from a marketing point of view its a good investment towards the brand image. Clearly if you able to make the brand image is strong enough then you are able to get the clients, and definitely its ability to increase your stocks..am I right ? for example the UMG partnership with BLACKPINK recently will able to make the company becoming more “diverse”, as we have to think that racism is a huge problem in everywhere, and its the main source of a problem. I hope BIGBANG will make a comeback after they finish the military service, and walk in the FLOWER ROAD as they promised

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