Hi guys I just want to let you guys know that Beenzino is back from the military services and hopefully he will be releasing new music any time soon. It’s been a while since Beenzino releasing a  music, and it seems that the military service is able to help him finding new friends, and of course away from the paparazzi.

It looks like BIGBANG and BEENZINO collaboration will be out soon, once the other members of BIGBANG will discharges , and remember this when BEENZINO was offered by TOP himself to have a collaboration, but they released FXXK IT ? BEENZINO IS SUCH A TALENTED MUSICAL ARTIST, he literally capable of doing a lot of things as well including painting. I guess the hip hop community in South Korea can’t wait to see BEENZINO’s next release.

Anyway why don’t we check on BEENZINO PREVIOUS RELEASED ?

As you could see from the previous released that BEENZINO is working with various artists, from big names like BOA, EPIK HIGH, to BLACK NUT (you can check SMTM4 he was on the spotlight because of his acts on the competition and definitely he got a great skills in combined). You can see that on the video that was released by BEENZINO also contained different colours that showing how experimental he is with his art form, and not even having a boundary with it.

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