Hiii guys sorry for being MIA, there’s no wifi in the apartment that I lived in Surabaya. But now I’m backkkk ! so I’ll be back to Melbourne by 22 February 2019, and I’m very excited for that. I’ll be seeing Eminem, which I will probably be making a vlog for that! soo please wait for it very soon. Not so long ago, John Legend is back with the song called Preach, and Hwasa from Mamamoo is back with the song TWIT! Not only that Little Mix also released a new music video for their newest single with Ty Dolla $ign for the song title Think About Us.

Similar to Sam Smith’s Pray, the song Preach is about the reality vs the expectation of life in this world. Remember the line “I lift up my head and the world is on fire” from the song Pray ? its literally the same thing, with the line “If I’m not even trying to make the change I wanna see” from the song Preach. There are times when we got frustrated over the news it might make us more stressful and the expectation of the liveable world. But at the same times I also ask myself over things like “Do I want to help ?” or “Do I just became apathetic?”. It saddened me more because some people are just not really care about the reality that we faced. Anyways to put it in the whole context, there are some acts of violence around and that’s not what everyone is expecting right? Because everyone deserves things that are humane for a living.

TWIT it’s about girl empowerment and relationship, you can check more of the explanation on DKDKTV. I mean there are some personifications on the songs that are pretty self-explanatory, but there are some references on the Korean literature on the songs, like the folktale Simcheonjeon. I mean HWASA’s stage presence is no joke, she’s really good at it, a very confident woman I have to say, even when she’s doing her solo things, the track is a very chill R&B inspired track, she is really showing the other side of her from MAMAMOO which makes everyone excited over the release of the new music.

They are back with a heartreak anthem, the song reminds me Shout Out to My Ex. Well relationship might be that hurtful! but since I have no experience about it just yet, but the songs that are released are just mostly about a break up anthem and I like it. I really love that Little Mix put a strong comeback, with the song Woman Like Me, they kind of explaining to everyone that they still on the map, and not someone that people are able to messing around for.

What’s your favourite song(s) from this update let me know on the comment section below.

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