Park Bom comeback confirmed

After the long hiatus, today is the best news by far guyssss. Park Bom is coming back on March, and guess what ? Sandara is going to be featured on one of the songs, isn’t the best thing that happened for Blackjacks today ?

I’m so excited to see Park Bom is own way to comeback, in the past she’s been very successful with her solo songs like You and I, and Don’t Cry, while her latest song is when 2ne1 gave the last present to the fans. Interestingly Brave Brothers is going to produces the song. For some of YG FAMILY fans, Brave Brothers is a familiar name, he worked with BIGBANG for Last Farewell, he also stated that the song that will be released on this March will be based on R&B sound, and he said it’s not the reproduction of 2NE1 Bom, but another version or the best version of herself. But guys as for you, who miss Park Bom image when she was in YG don’t worry, since her producer worked in YG, EXPECT SIMILAR VIBES ! And last but not least calling Blackjacks all around the world to come and support Bom.

Rules for you anyone ! Don’t fight over on the internet, it’s just like Beyoncé fans are probably older than us, considering Beyoncé debuted a long time ago, and YouTube wasn’t that popular back then, so if any group surpassed Beyoncé on YouTube subscribers that doesn’t matter, the legacy that build by Beyoncé is just incredible. It’s the same with 2ne1, there’s nothing that the fans can do disbandment, but you can support the members through their solo activities. YG FINALLY ALSO POSTED THAT HE WILL SUPPORTS PARK BOM COMEBACK, so don’t bashed YG, WITHOUT YG THERE WILL BE NO 2ne1, and the other groups ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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