+mask drama and soundtrack review+

I guess everyone is right when you don’t really know what to do with your days…K Drama certainly will make it better. But rather following the whole drama thing, days ago I watched the movie Alongside with Gods, and I’ve watched the movie before, I’m a fan of Ju Ji Hoon, I think he is a decent guy, I watched him back in Asura as well. I don’t particularly search or look for a drama, hence I just watched that he was previously on. I think every K Drama created a bell shape, but I just keep watching it because of Ji Hoon.

I just judge it based on the characters, at the end of the day, Byun Ji Sook (Soo Ae)  falls in love with Choi Min Woo (Ji Hoon), although they were part of arrange marriage. At the beginning they just part of the cover after the girl that looks like Ji Sook died, she was to married Min Woo. After all the problems are centered on the family issues, Min Woo that’s experiencing trauma, and feels never loved, get some of caring from Ji Sook. Anyways I think you might like it if you’re fan of the actors right ? I mean I am more movies, but I think the drama did pretty well.


By the way ZICO is part of the soundtrack of the drama, he got Sojin from Girls Day to be part of the song as well. I feel like the whole Hallyu waves are actually helping each other, the song titled Sick is really sad because the drama focusing on the characters that have no peaceful life. Chancellor, and Vasco are also part of the soundtrack with the song As if I’m Dead. Anyways at the end of the day the story of the drama focusing on the sad story that actually everyone experiences bad stuff aka shits, the song from Junggigo featuring Joeeheon from Monsta X, titled Similar.

by the way tell me what’s the next k drama that you guys loving at the moment, I want to watch Item.

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