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JYP Entertainment jus letting the world knows about their new girl group. ITZY already been part of the netizen talk on the last year, with one of their members Shin Ryu Jin was in BTS’s video. Other than that the other members are very pretty and popular as well, the group consists of Yeji Lia RyuJin  Yuna Chaeryeong they are just a full package of to be an artist.

To be fair their style is very different from any other artists from JYP before. The JYP groups are mostly having cute, girly, and sexy concepts, but ITZY is a bit different, they have cooler style, girl crush style and I think its very on demand at the moment. They have groovier song, and the rap parts of this girl group is a bit different from Twice that having cuter vibes. Although they just got debuted, their first ever music video just got over 12 million views. I mean they just defeated BLACKPINK in terms of the debut music video in terms of views, BLACKPINK got their first 10 millions views when they released the song As If It Your Last, which was released a year after their debut.

Anyhow their music is fun, I would say its just different, they have a hyped up beats, and I personally hoping that they will do more cooler song in the future, and please just stick with this image, I think they will have the chance to attract more of the western market as well because of their appearance, they are very confident as well, and I think they already have such a strong stage presence. I can’t really wait to see ITZY on music stage ! anyways to all the fans you guys really need to check them out, and support ITZY for their upcoming future.

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  1. Hotty and sexy Queen’s


      1. So am a blogger too. I wish knows you more


      2. sure you will.. 🙂


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