+saturday’s talk+

Hi guys welcome to Saturday’s Talk, where I try to include the most recent music on the week. This week had been incredible, for the record finally my coe is came out, and I’m very relax at the moment. This week we have Khalid, Ariana Grande, Meek Mill and Drake, while on the recent months we also have Sam Smith. I haven’t posted anything yet about Sam Smith’s Dancing With A Stranger right ?

I really love the track Dancing With A Stranger, it shared a different feels from the previous songs that Sam Smith released, this time it has more disco-R&B fused, and its really refreshing. The song also featured former Fifth Harmony former member Normani, As for Normani she already making some amazing collaborations as well as her solo, she collaborated with Khalid, Calvin Harris, and 6black. I would recommend the song Dancing With A Stranger for a pool party, or your own BBQ party at your backyard.

As for Ariana Grande, I made a complete review for her album over here. I just think that she just got an incredible record, and she just building her own empire as a solo, pop artists, I personally think that Ariana Grande is able to pulls off any music styles, from bubble gum pop, to R&B, and even hip hop music #yougogirl

Khalid is going back with the track called Talk, the song was released in 7 February 2019, and I love it. I think Khalid really has a unique voice, and that’s made him sooo listenable, his songs are really good as well. And also I’m a huge fan of the type of songs he released, its just not to hyped up, but its not to boring as well. I feel like Talk emphasised about the importance of communication in a relationship.

Last but not least Meek Mill, dropped a collaboration with Drake ! the track called Going Bad is just another banger, the song is really dope, the background, and the direction of the music video. I really like on how they embraced the swagness ! I mean you can be anything that’s not cool, but when you got the swag..you’ll be another person ! and trust me I guess…BY THE WAY the song is just literally having fun..with stuffs, and your friends I think they have the motto of work hard play hard

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