+thank u. next album review by ariana grande+

The album is finally out, after so many hints, and the epic music videos thank u, next and 7 rings. This time she released the music video for break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored. I think Ariana highlighted the meaning of girl power, this time she also highlighted more of the diversity of her genres, like hip hop, trap, R&B and pop infused music.

Ariana Grande highlighted from being the heartbroken girl in thank, u next but still able to manage the break ups, and thanking for her exes because every break ups were represented her life journey, to 7 rings where she celebrated the girl squad, and making herself happy, and treat herself, to break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored where the boyfriend allegedly cheating or probably choosing other girls other than Ariana, but she’s proofing that girl doesn’t need to have a boyfriend to be happy. I would say everything about this album is super amazing, from the first track imagine to the last one. Well I usually going to picked out at least 3 songs from an album I got to say that I love every songs listed on the album.

I’m also loving the song like NASA and I think although the other tracks are not the main title of this album, they are all deserved to be a title track of this album, I think Ariana Grande really deserves a lot of awards for this album, and I’ll cry if she doesn’t. But anyways what do you guys think about Ariana newest album ? what’s your favourite song(s) from her album ? 

I feel like after listening to Ariana Grande’s we are all loving our girl gang right ? I mean they’re just the best despite sometimes girls are just being girls, but we’re strong enough guys ! I would say this album is 10/10 from the visuals of the music videos, the lyrical content, and the cover art are just amazing. Ariana also worked with Hanna Lux, the lady behind 7 rings, thank u, next, and more of Ariana’s music video just representing that girls are equally good as man/men/boys. Ariana also pay tribute to her long time lover, Malcolm (I really miss him, and his music), and I think it was the sweetest gift.

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