lo fang

lo fang

Years ago Chanel made the movie for their no 5 perfume with their unbelievable muse, Gisele Bundchen. The song was originated from Grease with the same title You’re the One That I Want, Lo created a different version out of it, making it different from the cheer up disco song. But to me the song is equally good. Lo’s version is more melancholy, and it turns the disco vibes from the original, I used to listen to the song (Lo’s version when it got released).

Long story short he actually got an album called Blue Film which was released back in 2014. The album consists the elements of R&B, synth pop and some classical feels. Some people might loving him, and by the way if you’re a fan of HURTS, I’ll recommend his songs to you, although Hurts is more influenced by more synth pop sound. But once again music is something that’s related to preference, so I would like to see what do you guys think about his music? I mean I totally enjoying his musical style, because it’s different from other artists that’s tend to having heavy beats and heavy dance inspired song .

Lo’s music

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