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hello guys welcome back to my blog, its almost been 3 months since I have my holiday with my family here in Indonesia. I’m going to see EMINEM this month, and I’m very excited to see him on stage. But before that I would like to write about beatbox music guys ! there are 2 beatboxer that I really like in an instance, BIGMAN, and GENE SHINOZAKI. I know BIGMAN through the Ellen Show, but I saw him again on the show I Can See Your Voice, where AOMG members were on the show. BIGMAN also stated the American beatboxer GENE SHINOZAKI as his inspiration, where I think both are just 2 amazing people.

I found it interesting because while providing the beat to their music, they also sing with the song, and some of the song are their own song. Gene Shinozaki even got an album, and EP, the album called Sound and Human, where he provided the beats from his beatbox skills, and combined it with other ideas. BIGMAN got the music video Get Tired of My Love, where I think he really did put an amazing effort to make the whole think, hopefully we can see him more in the future with the other k pop music, and for GENE mann he’s amazing, and its showing others no matter what’s your skills are, if you are innovative enough you can create something bigger than it is or it was. Have a good friday guys, and I’ll be back with more content, before I’ll go back to Australia ! 🙂

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