As he approaching 30, Loco needs to go for his military service in South Korea. Before he leave he did an appearance in I Can See Your Voice, and he just released a music video with Zion T, called Its Been a While before he left for the service.

I could say there’s a moment where the lyrics are so relatable, for example when he said as he approaching 30, he felt he’s old, and everything might change. I’ve been a fan of Zion T as well, he went to the military back in 2014, after all they need to do it, and we can cheer them through prayers and supports by keep loving their music, and 2 years is fast guys ! All the best for Loco and his service, and to his friends that are joining the military #cheerup

One of the funny moments through out the music video was when Zion T cut out Loco’s hair. I think it’s part of the growing up for a man in South Korea, and I think it’s something that will bring them so much memories, I mean they’ll have more private life, and they’ll have time for themselves too (paparazzi can’t really looking out for them) it’s place where they might try something new asides from the music industry. And overall the lyrics is simple but relatable, Zion T’s vocal is great, Loco really shared his thoughts, and I hope everything is the best for the services ❤️

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