+kpop thursday+

WELCOMEEE to kpop Thursday here with me thegoodtheweird today my friend on twitter suggested the songs from Marilyn Monderland. As you may know k pop is really huge at the moment, the strong marketing and the ideas from the artists actually help them on bridging the language to get the fans around the world. There’s actually a lot of South Korean artists that are so talented, yet they are not “that well known”, internationally but they do have a strong fan base that supporting their acts.

I would like to suggested the artists to the Travis Scott’s fans, or anyone that loving trap music. I would say the vibes is very at the moment, considering a lot of genres are bridging each other, and I’m pretty enjoying the diversity in the music industry. By the way I would like to be a music journalist, sooo hopefully I could make it one day. Long story short the music are made of super talented underground artists like Junny, Holynn and Yelloasis and just try to listen to them. Most of their songs are based on hip hop music, trap music, R&B, and before I forget if you’re a fan of Joji, Dean to name a few you guys probably are going to love them. I linked all of their EPs, and let me know which one is actually your favourite, please don’t forget to comment down below 🙂

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