to all the YG Fans out there, I often said that I’m a huge fan of YG Family right ? I love all of them, from Bigbang, 2NE1, Winner, iKON, BLACKPINK but I’ve realised that I haven’t put iKon at all…and I am so sorry, the thing is their songs are very youthful, while at some moments I love a lot of sad songs, music that perfect for my chill time, but they do have some of them, one of their recent released is Goodbye Road, although with this song, they don’t get the hyped as the other song like when Love Scenario was released, or Killing Me was released.

My favourite song from iKon is actually Apology because there are so many emotions on the song, and their music video was just mesmerising. Basically same with the other artists coming out from YG, their main based songs are hip hop songs, R&B, dance music. B.I as their leader is one of the talented song writers in South Korea, Bobby is one of the talented rapper in the kpop world, he also got his solo album a year before MINO did, and they have a duo group called MOBB. What fans usually react is when they have a shorter time on  releasing the music together..I really hate fanwar guys, the fact that they coming from the same company its great, because let’s think this way, I can’t force anyone that hate apple to eat an apple right ? its the same with music, and I have no idea why fans would like to fight over a song, youtube views, subscriber…its ridiculous.

By the way I’ve check Love Scenario as well, but its just no the style of song that I would like to listen. But I do love the song like Don’t Forget, some fans might not agree with my opinion but I’m totally fine with it. As you may know although I love hip hop music, but I’m not a fan of hiphop combined with dance music, because of the longevity of it. When you listen to song like Don’t Forget, Apology, and Goodbye Road, you are able to listen to the songs over and over, and you can have it anytime. please let me know, and comment on the section what’s your favourite ikon’s song ? I heard that they will have a music festival in the US right ? congratulations 🙂 and enjoy the concert when you go

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