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The thing is there are so many artists that so talented that deserve more supports from the fans, and the whole success. Here’s are three of my new picked for today, firstly we got Samm Henshaw, Pink Sweat$, and lastly Rimon. You may heard them before, and you may not know about them, but keep an eye for them, please support them a lot :0

Born and raised in England, Samm Henshaw already making his big step just yet by opening the show for Chance the Rapper, Tori Kelly, and James Blake. He got a strong soulful voice that’s so perfect for anytime, I would like to recommend him to the fans of Sam Smith, Rag N Bone Man, I mean they all have this “gospely” voice that gives a song a whole new feels. He also got some inspirations through gospel music, but also the mainstream music like N’Sync, and his recent single is titled Church, he also collaborated with the well known rapper from the UK, Wretch 32 in the past.

We also got Rimon, she’s from Amsterdam Rimon also based her music on Soul music, sighted Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child, and 50 Cent as her idol she’s really talented on what’s she’s doing. She’s also proud talking about her backgrounds, and she’s also listened to Ethiopian jazz recently (her mother is from Ethiopia), and stated that she would like to learn the language in the future. I really hope everything will be alright, and keep on producing amazing music in the future, I would like to recommend her for the Jorja Smith, Mahalia fans.

Last but not least is Pink Sweats, firstly I would like to recommend him for the Khalid fans. He also sighted Kanye West as his inspiration on his early discovery on music industry, his song Honesty already gained over 5 million views since late 2018, proofing that he got numerous amount of support from the fans. I would like to say that his songs are not monotonous type of music, despite the slow beats, but its more on the relaxation time, and the me time that you can get. For the record me time is such an invested time for yourself, and its important to have one guys !

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