Three weeks ago, Westlife dropped a song called Hello My Love, most of us probably know West Life from their biggest songs like ; I Have a Dream, Unbreakable, and moree (for the record I might lost my ring..but hopefully I got it safe and sound in Melbourne). The thing is West Life debuted back in 1998, and they got disbanded back in 2012, they came back as a group in 2018. But things have change, from the fans, the music industry, the social medias. In the 1990s the boy group coming from the Western countries might dominated the music before, and the streaming game wasn’t big as now, and in the 2010s the kpop groups started to dominate the music industry, the fans are crazy, and the streaming game just got stronger than it used to.

not only the streaming group that went crazy, but the fans are also getting crazier, some people just willing to do everything to meet the artist. And also the fans of the group are mostly in their 40s, or late 30s, they might having kids, and busy for work, so I don’t think they are really updating whats Westlife is doing at the moment, unless some random kid (like me) who like to spent hours on YouTube try to look for something. so that’s why I don’t understand when a lot of music pundits are saying that some of the Asian groups are dominating the music charts, its like comparing Dele Alli to Steven Gerrard. I mean they are coming from a different level of area, different generations, in the 1990s the only thing that everyone could do to meet up with the artists are through concerts, and the music shows that they are on. To be fair I think their new song is great, something that’s giving you a fresh start in the beginning of the year, which is incredible for everyone to follow, and listening to a new song, so check out Hello My Love, where the single highlight some fresh. dance. r&b. inspired music.

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