By the way similar like in the UK, Japan, in South Korea there are so many talented artists that actually deserve the popularity than the popularity that they got at the moment. There are so many debates between popularity vs talent and indeed, if you have talent and luck at the same time you’ll get that popularity, but your true talent will not be the same as the talented ones. One of them is Shaun, couple of days ago at the radio station I heard this song called Way Back Home. I thought it will be LAUV’s or BAZZI, but its not IT’S SHAUN’s. The song gained rapid response from the netizens, and even beat up BTS and BLACKPINK, TWICE, in the Korean Music Charts.

I would like to recommend him to Kenshi Yonezu’s fan if you do love someone that’s love experiments on something else, and pushing the boundaries. Indeed, the chairman of JYP Entertainment requested a investigation regarding the charts, in which it happened a lot in Asia’s country, but all the allegations were all wrong. I really love his voice to be fair, its different its still raw, and I think because Shaun got the space where he is able to experiments with sounds that he loves.

And I think its sometimes unfair, because it indeed sounded different from any other Kpop music, and I think that’s why he got the no 1 spot in Gaon Chart, and Hot 100 in Korea. In fact because its sounded different, it gained a lot of attention, because when I heard it on radio, I would like to listen to the song over and over as its not sounded like other kpop music that I would listen, and his pronunciation is really good that’s why I think he deserved it, and he is a pure talent by not debuting from a large company that mainly already got a strong base of fans.

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