+notorious b.i.g.+

He is one of the most legendary rappers of all time, his lyrics are known to be dark semi-autobiographical lyrics, and storytelling, which focused on crime and hardship, and you can listen to the tone that he got that chill vibes that still got the swag of his own. Too bad that he is not around anymore, he got two studios album in 1994, and 1997 with the titled Ready to Die, and Life After Death. I think to rethink about the whole journey that both album is sort of shaping the real life that he faced. I think when someone said the things that came out from our mouth could be the reality in the future, could be the truth. Notorious B.I.G. also worked with artists like Michael Jackson, P. Diddy (we all know who is), Busta Rhymes (know him through a collaboration with Linkin Park), and even 2Pac !

The more you listen to him, I personally think the more grown the song it will be, its super different from what you can see through a hip hop songs these days, the lyrics are different, and he indeed told the life that he went through, for example he was part of some crimes when he was younger long before when he got the fame. Notorious also got Grammys nominated in the 90s.

But from all the perspective that I saw, I personally think that his music videos are part of the inspirations of today’s music videos. I think that’s what I like from the music industry, they pushed a lot of boundaries, and making things that seems impossible. Today even he’s not around anymore, his legacies are still alive, for example Ariana Grande that sampling his song Gimmie the Loot on the music 7rings. Last but not least let me know what do you think about Biggie. For the record since I was born in 1998, let me know if you’re part of Biggie and Tupac era (I wasn’t born yet)…and who do you prefer Tupac, or Biggie ?

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