everyone loves uncle snoop

Everyone must know uncle Snoop right ? I’m a millennial, was born in 1998 so basically I was born when Snoop already had sometimes with his career, in fact thanks to Youtbe to provide me with bunch of videos of Uncle Snoop from past to present. What I like about uncle Snoop is that he has various collaborations. And I think he really got that fun personality, I can see it through his show with Martha Stewart

There’s nothing that uncle Snoop made to hate him, he got a collab with Arash (the singer of Broken Angel) to Akon and even the kpop sensation PSY. At the end of the day its either Snoop, or the other artists that accept the collaboration project, and I’m happy to see the diversity in the projects that Snoop were on it, I can’t lie that the first Snoop Dogg’s song I’ve ever heard is through Katy Perry’s California Girl


no only with the Korean market, uncle Snoop also collaborated with PKCZ a collective of music artists from Japan. I think uncle Snoop is really showing that Sharing is caring, and no matter what your race, religion is…that’s doesn’t matter as long as there’s a good music to share. I mean even there was the East Coast, West Coast Rivalry Snoop was trying to end it (I wasn’t born yet, and just knew it through the news). For the record the collaborations that I meant are the collaboration proposed by Snoop himself or another artists that asked Snoop for a collaboration. Because at the end of the day they still got a song together right ? I mean Snoop is really showing a lot of his sides..

What Do you guys think about various collaboration that Snoop did ? I think he is such an awesome artist, and very open minded, I mean he collab with a lot of people from different background ❤️

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