hello guys..not so long ago Saykoji released a song called Go Young Cop Law..its a word play where Go Young actually read as goyang or the one that we called it dance, and cop law…that’s read as koplo, which actually part of dangdut aka..Indonesian music. That’s why on the song actually got some the dangdut vibes into it..I think that its hard at the moment to say what kind of music that I like..I’m in my sad period..worry about everything that’s going to be part of my life..for example job, I’m not the smartest kid in the room, and I’m planning to take graduate diploma on journalism, so I could at least express what I want to say…I think that’s the best thing that I could find through the hip hop music..not every hip hop musics are actually listenable, but I also look at their creativity.

The song just sounded different from the music that I listened, remember when I wrote about kpop added some trot music to their song ? I think we need to be proud of our roots, I meet Igor at a church back in Surabaya about 9 years ago, he talked about how God never offline to put us on hold (amazing, and so relatable). The thing is music is very personal, and its really your taste, but I like to listen to something that’s unique 🙂 like Jogja Hip Hop Foundation as well. One thing I learned from Saykoji..just go with the flow, and have fun. Recently he made the soundtrack for Orang Kaya Baru aka Just Got Rich its really such a funny song. Its the first time that I heard mumble rap in Bahasa, but that’s all good, and its new to me. Its not something that I like, as I always said I’m not a fan of mumble rap, but Saykoji really creative, and I really admire him for that. 

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