+royce da 5’9’s Book of Ryan review+

This album was actually released back in 2018, numerous artists like Eminem, J.Cole, Pusha T, and more were actually taking part of this album. In general the album received a high score of reviews from a Metacritic, XXL, and HIPHOPDX, the album recieved a praise for the lyrics, and the beats for each songs.

Recently the track called Cocaine from the album just released an official music video. Or in general this album was actually a visual album, where he almost got a music video for every track that’s on the album, that’s include the song Caterpillar featuring Eminem, and King Green. Originally Logic was supposed to appear, but later was replaced by Eminem, because at that time, Logic wasn’t able to arrange the time for filming the music video, but the remix version is out here.

Royce da 5’9 actually also released music videos for Boblo Boat with J.Cole , and Summer On Lock where he collaborated with Pusha T,  Jadakiss, Fabolous and Agent Sasco. I feel like the album itself is such a personal inspired album, the thing is Royce da 5’9’s actually name is Ryan Daniel Montgomery, and the album called The Book of Ryan. I think its the personal journey of him, from when he was a nobody, to where he is today. You can see on how Caterpillar is picked as one of the tracks name, considering the painful process from a worm to beautiful butterfly..you need to have a long, awaited process.

I personally think that having a visual for your songs are sometimes very helpful to get what the meaning of the song, in fact through lyrics we all have different interpretation of the song, #writerseffect. By far..I really like the album, its different from the current hip hop music that’s on the radio, TV, or basically just everywhere. I think the essence, the meaning of the songs are just different, it feels more real…don’t forget to let me know what do you guys think about the album. And let me know what’s your favourite song from the album.

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