+kanye west making a gospel music ?+

Kanye West is known on making media frenzy, recently his wife, Kim Kardashian posted that Kanye West is on a church..and he is performing. Although people might hate him for some reasons..but I think if I have to put myself in his position we kind of alike in some ways…except the meeting with the president !

I personally liking some Kanye West’s songs, even after a lot of dramas were happened due to his actions…including the Taylor Swift vs Kanye West, Kim Kardashians drama. There’s also some debate of gospel songs should follow the genre that the world are having at the moment..it was part of a debate will the gospel songs are going to lost their essence to God. However I really supported that Kanye trying new things, because to me I’ll hear the song if they don’t loose certain part of gospel songs, and as long its good I’m going to listen to the songs, for example I love Tyler Joseph’s songs that made numerous linking to his relationship with God, or Kendrick Lamar that does the similar thing. But there are things that’s contradicting with him, especially after that meeting with the president.

I mean Kanye is known for making some media news before he releasing a new album..or is this one of the clue for the new album ? we never know..on last year Kanye is making a meeting with President Trump, the meeting was called bizarre by the medias, Kanye also stated that the meeting was actually making Kanye felt like..a superman…after the meeting is actually making me questioning if the Taylor Swift drama few years ago was actually Kanye the one that started…..I mean commenting on the campaign I AM WITH HER…its clear enough on the society that male are still dominate the whole thing, so why would he said that..even if Kardashians are very female dominated..but that’s not happening in other families by the way cussing in front of your president…its a bit funny for me but I’ll just wait the album…and I’ll just judge it through the music. 

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