Hello guys, regarding about the YG New Boy Group, there are fans are not satisfied with the line up, firstly because over the years they already fond with Treasure A’s members. And I do understand what the fans feel, I may not be a stan of certain people, but at the end of the day the fans should understand the business as well. Looking up at the western music, China’s and Japanese’s market, their main producer (someone like YG) is not really promoting their artists’ concert, so the k pop fans should be thankful to YG.

Regarding about the YG Boy Group : The thing is, it was stated since the competition that he will picked out 5 best members, and he changed it to 7 meaning that YG actually listening to fans. From my point of view Yedam was an amazing singer, he got the public’s love, hence it will be very useful for the group. Remember when Lisa was part of BLACKPINK, everyone is excited because there’s more diversity into the group, its similar to the boy group at the moment. In fact, Haruto also getting the fans’ love as his mother is a huge fan of BIGBANG, Haruto meet with Seungri at his Japan Tour. I think the line up was there for a reason, and I’m not MAD about it, Jeongwoo also has such a nice voice, and so does Junkyu. I do hope that Hyunsuk will be part of it as well. 🙂 

So what YG needs to do next..I mean Lee Hi, CL, and One have been absent in the last 12 months or more. Fans are thinking that YG is biased, but in fact making music isn’t that easy. Can you imagine being  the fans of 30 Seconds to Mars’s fans when they released each 3-4 years, Eminem’s fans when he suddenly dropped an album like Kamikaze, Taylor Swift when she suddenly goes a little hiatus….and maybe because k pop fans are just way to demanding, he can release some of Lee Hi’s music, or CL’s or maybe One’s because he released 2 songs under YG Entertainment.

Here I try my best to understand YG point of view, and I personally don’t think there’s any problems with the debut line, there is no perfect human being…..




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