+stray kids+

hello guyzzz, since the YG New Boy Group will be debuting soon, so I would like to talk about Stray Kids. Have you heard Stray Kids before ? Some of YG Trainees were appeared on one of the episodes of the show Stray Kids. For me Stray Kids is embracing the genre of hip hop music, rather than the pop sound itself, although they are very cool, and talented, I’m not sure if they appeared on any of the TV show..if they do please let me know because I’m a fan. Their debut song, Hellevator was such a huge as well, I watched it during their debut year, but going through their other music they have some amazing songs as well.

For example, like the song M.I.A I don’t think its really contains a heavy hip hop sounds, its almost chill but not to sleepy. I could say that in terms of the concepts they reminds me of BTS, and IKON. Firstly because of their members that’s more than 5 people, and I have difficulties on memorising them, but they are amazing, I have to give credits to their works, Stray Kids also given the chance to write their own music, which I’ll give them an extra point for that.

I am YOU is another song that I like from the group. I think because they are young they are understanding the market better, in a way they are understanding what the fans are looking up to, I genuinely want to say that they also deserved a trophy on a music show, but the more I listen to their songs, they are a bit different from the groups that often to focus more on dance, and pop songs that actually attracting the audiences more, moreover I do think that they are likeable out-side South Korea, in the US there are groups like Brockhampton that I think also very coool, they are also focusing on the hip hop music, although Brockhampton is more a collective group…


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