What’s up guysss, I hope everyone got their best Saturday with your family wherever you are. Trust me, YouTube is the best place to find out new music, and things that you haven’t heard before. So this time I found Mabel…and she’s amazing. Apparently she’s been around for a while now, she’s been collaborating with Rich the Kid, Not3s, and opening up for Harry Styles. Her musical style wise…you should listen to her if you’re a fan of Dua Lipa, and other pop, R&B music artists.

Her newest music is called Don’t Call Me Up the song reminds me of Dua Lipa’s New Rules, in a good way. The message is similar, being a strong independent woman, despite the break up. Most of her songs are very trendy, and its refreshing as well, so its a strong point from her, considering that she’s a young artists as well. I personally thing that the collaborations between artists nowadays is are important for the music fans, because those collaborations are actually helping to increase sales, considering more wider target audience, the excitements between two different fan bases.

And anyways you guys you need to check her out, her music are just amazing, and I will link out some of her other videos. I would say that I’m a bit confuse with what kind of genre that I’m a fan of, considering there are a lot of genre-less music that sound so damn good. Like there are music that sounds R&B, but not really that R&B or pop music, and sometimes they even added rap parts on certain songs, which I think hip hop is really huge at the moment on the music charts, with R&B genre is really doing good. Last but not least don’t forget to leave a comment

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