+yg treasure box final+

So its finally here, the YG Treasure Box Final, by far they already released the first 4 members of the group they are ; Yedam, Haruto, Junkyu, Junghwan. And the other 3 members will be released on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so by far the group consists of 1 rapper, 2 vocals, and 1 dancer. I don’t want to speculate but more likely they will add 1 more vocalist (possibly Jeongwoo), 1 more dancer, and 1 more rapper. If you see the compositions for other group like BIGBANG, IKON, WINNER the groups are always consisting of 2 rappers, and a ratio to 2-3 people of vocalists (depending how big is the group), and 2 people of dancing. By far I’m pretty happy with the choices that YG have provided to the fans, at least the public is able to see BANG YEDAM as a debut artist from YG.

The trainees are given to choose the position that they are comfortable with, so Singing, Dancing, and Rapping position. Suprisingly for the singing position only 3 trainees choose the spot, which happened to be YEDAM, JEONGWOO, and JUNKYU. From the dancing team, Masiho got the most vote during their live performance so most likely he will be able to debut as well, but for rap part its either Byonggun or Hyunsuk. I can’t lie that their performances are actually mind blowing, their dancing is amazing, singing is on point, even the rap part they just able to show their happiness doing it..I hope all the best for the future boy group..please release some music soon, and I can’t wait to see the new boy group in an actual music video, and hopefully the boys are going to participate on the writing process too.

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