+jogja hip hop foundation+

Growing up in Java, definitely my mum told me and my brother a little bit of the culture of a Javanese traditions. The culture itself is very unique, its rich and full with norms, the points of our life, the etiquette, the arts from the music to shows like Wayang or puppet show. After writing about Jokowi and their member Kill the DJ, I checked them out, to know more about what is Jogja Hip Hop Foundations, the member of the group are Kill the DJAntoBalanceLukmanM2MX. Race, politics, religion, and culture are becoming my favourite topics to talk about, how we are going to deal with it, and how we can unite in our diversity.

On a talk show with NET, back in 2014-ish they have a studio album called Semar Mesem Romo Mendem, in which its a collaborative work with Catholic Pastor Sindhu, or Romo Sindhu (that’s how Indonesian people called him). On the album it happened that Romo Sindho is actually helping to write the lyrics, through de(re)construct of Romo Sindhu’s poems. *fun facts : I just found out that Romo Sindhu was born in a city 30 minutes from my home town in Indonesia #proud.

What I learn is that no matter what’s your race is, your religion as long as we are enjoying it together it doesn’t matter. I personally think that you can take and keep the things that are good, and don’t take it the things that are not good. There are no reason to say no to things that are positive to you right ? And I think that’s the beauty of the collaboration, I think its important on what we are able to give to other people, its important to spread the love instead of hate.

Bhineka Tunggal Ika

I think thats the beauty of Indonesia we might be having different cultural background, religion, and more. And every human are not perfect, hopefully the political year in our lovely country, we are able to choose the right thing, and put aside the negative things, because Indonesia is all about respecting each other, and loving each other.


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