Hi everyone sorry for being MIA for few days…yesterday I watched the debate for the president elections for Indonesia. More to say, 2019 is a politic year in Indonesia, everyone has start campaigns to the public, to improve their public image, and I have to say its a very exciting things to see. The campaign has start from different point of view as well, at the same time its also a very sensitive at certain point. Kill the DJ is one of the prominent musical artists from Indonesia, he has Javanese based hip hop music. The thing is Kill the DJ wrote the song called Jogja Istimewa, but some people changed the lyrics and used it for a group anthem which happened to be not the same party that Kill the DJ supported. And at the moment, he looking forward for the legal deal with the song. Kudos to you Kill the DJ for showing your voice.

So why it happened ? 

  1. He wrote the song not based on the political point of view, or taking advantage for it from the song Jogja Istimewa.
  2. There is no permission from the people that using his song for the group’s party song, and there is no apology from the people to Kill the DJ.

But Marzuki Mohamad, or Kill the DJ is known for his participation as a volunteer, on occasion like helping people from the natural disaster in Indonesia, and other voluntary actions in Indonesia, like the 2004’s Tsunami that happened in Aceh. Back in 2014, Kill the DJ also showing his support for Jokowi’s party as well, well he participated on a concert called “Salam Dua Jari”

anyways here are some of the music video from the Jogja Hip Hop Foundation’s crew KILL THE DJ

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