demo songs

To be honest with anyone, the demo songs are actually very exciting to listen to. I mean they could be the raw-est song, feeling or production. It could be the same song that we listen at radio and it may be different, I’ve listed the songs and I hope you guys love it.

Ariana Grande, the song called Boyfriend Material and later be f(x)’s No More. Its not the first time that Ariana sang a demo for a kpop song.

Tyler Jasper, Adrian from LDN Noise, the song called Friendzone, and later be f(x)’s 4 Walls. There’s been a few cases where some k pop songs were proposed to US artists, when they got rejected they offered it to the KPop market, which at the moment Kpop market is such a huge opportunity for music artists to expand their market values in music.

Beyoncé, the song called Wake Up was later called R.E.M by Ariana Grande. Rumour has it that Beyoncé recorded the song back in 2013, but wasn’t included in her album at that time.

The song name didn’t change when it got released, they just released it without Sia being on it, but yeah I just love it.

Even EXO’s song Call me Baby was originally titled as Call Me Daddy. The song was written by Dantae Johnson, and produced by Teddy Riley, it’s very Usher’s like..if you know what I mean

And Ester Dean have been the demo voice for Rihanna. I love Ester Dean, because I think she’s a complete package as an entertainer, and I’ve been totally amazed by her character on Pitch Perfect ❤️

Last but not least is Ne-Yo for Beyoncé’s Irreplaceable. In fact he is one of the collaborator for the song, which is incredible, a lot of times we don’t care about who’s really behind the curtain..

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