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I bet in 2018, everyone heard of Eastside featuring Halsey, and Khalid right ? who knows that Benny Blanco have been active with the music scene around a decade ago ? or is it just me that just knew about it, he wrote songs that I listened almost a decade ago, songs like Tik Tok, by Kesha, Dynamite, by Taio Cruz, and even Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger. He won BMI songwriter of the year more than once, and yup his songs are always charted no 1 on the charts, and very amazing as well.

I think what I like about Benny is that, the way he approached song writing, and music video direction a bit different. With his music video its almost a storytelling of his journey, or someone else’s journey. You can see a story telling like on the video Eastside and the song I Found You/Nilda’s Story that’s released in 2019. What I like about his songs, are that the songs are not hyping too much, so could at least listen to the songs during your hard time, or your me time (yup me time is the most important time in your life)

He has amazing collaborations as well, for example with Brendon Urie from Panic ! At the Disco, Swae Lee, Juice WRLD as well. I think he combined a lot of alternative R&B, with hip hop based music, but to think about genres I don’t think there is a song with one genre at the moment. With the popularity of K POP that relatively combining a lot of genre of bubble gum pop, pop, hip hop, dance with a little bit of rap part that’s actually driving a lot of people going crazy over the Korean bands, I think its changing the whole music genre in general. An approachable song, with a radio friendly but they are still different that’s how I could describe Benny Blanco’s music.

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