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I guess at this point, I really like to let anyone know that Japan actually has a lot of talent that deserves more views. J POP is one of the biggest influence in my life because songs from Ayumi Hamasaki was something that I used to listen to when I was young. I think it grew up from the Anime soundtrack, where I do believe that not all J POP are fit for Anime soundtrack. While listening to RIRI, YouTube suggested me with similar artist Taichi Mukai.

I think I would suggests you guys, if you’re a fan of Kenshi Yonezu, The Weekend(maybe), LAUV, BAZZI or any alternative R&B artists. Well to me Taichi Mukai has a lot of amazing songs one of them is Break Up which Taku Takahashi from m-flo also producing the song, I’ve wrote about m-flo as well on my blog, because I just love Japanese music so much, it also reminded me of my childhood listening to foreign music…just in case anyone would like to know I’m from Indonesia, and currently studying at Australia.

Taichi Mukai also has an equal moody songs for me, he got some of this happy songs, but also songs that’s very chill like Slow Down that known for sampling Jeremih’s Oui. From my search Jeremih had been collaborated with YG, and signed to Def Jam Recording, the house of Pusha T, Kanye West, and more. Just believe me that you guys will like the song as much as I do. There is another song called Siren which the beat produced by tofubeats. Siren is a song with a disco tempo-ish, its a super amazing song, chill fun but not the tacky fun, or trying to act to look cool. I would say if you like to listen to Dipha Barus’s project you guys need to check this Siren song…I linked down his soundcloud down below, and feel free to comment down 🙂 its nice to get a recommendations 🙂

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  1. RisefromAshes says:

    I’ve only listened to ‘Break Up’ but I think I have a new artist to be following in 2019. Thanks for the recommendation!


    1. All good omgg…please pray from my studies too hahahaha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. RisefromAshes says:

        Sending you nothing but positive vibes for your studies as well!!


      2. Definitelyyy thanks youuuu

        Liked by 1 person

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