Hellow guys, so today I watched the movie Bumblebee with my best friend Hansen. Well we watched the movie after my lunch, and he is my best friend since I was 3 years old. The movie wasn’t really concerning the battle between the auto bot, and the decepticon. But it’s more about the journey of Bumblebee with human interaction, learning trust I could say…I mean it’s almost a relationship of the first character with Bumblebee. The movie also tell a story about how to cope with sadness, and trust yourself no mater what.

Hailee also got the soundtrack beside being the female character. I feel like Hailee also matured as the years goes by, after the Pitch Perfect movie she already making some music which is great. I think she can sing very well, and right now she getting to know about her voice more, which I think it’s very cool of her. I think she also growing within the character, to me most of the speech during the movie was pretty boring..but I guess it made me better because I watched it with my best friend.

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