+byee 2018 (almost)+

2018 you’ve been great to me, and I really thankful for whatever the reason…firstly I would thank God, for everything He gave me for this year, an improvement on my academic year…and I have my birthday this year, back in Rome, and Venice which was amazing. England reached the semis, which made me cry, my favourite team Liverpool, stays on no 1 by far….and it is such an amazing year…I don’t want to be a delusional human being, but to me there are things that hopefully we can achieve in the next upcoming year, be more tolerant (race, political views, gender, identity) be more greatful, be a good daughter, getting a job, getting graduate on time…getting closer to God (personal goal, or it could be anybody’s goal..for sure)

“Rap is not always positive in its portrayal of women. While I do believe that we should do whatever we want – no one should dictate to a woman how she should dress. There should be options.” – Neelam Hakeem Vogue Arabia

Let’s start about gender, and race in fact both Nelaam Hakeem, and Suboi are definitely two individual however what makes them similar ? through music..and definitely they are both declaring that women are also strong, and can be their own individual without scared about the judgment that they will receive through the community. 


Haven’t I told you that I was be able to read Bible, and believe that I WILL NEVER WALK ALONE through unbelievable individuals ? YUPPP kudos to Alisson Becker, Dele Alli, Lucas Moura, Neymar, Lewis Hamilton and Memphis Depay that sharing what you thought about God, I mean Dele’s tattoo of Psalm 23 :4, and I hope you’ll be the blessing to others, and keep that verse on your hard days (to Dele)…to Memphis that letting me open my mind that you can’t really judge people through their physical look 🙂 indeed I understand that God look what’s inside not outside, and all this people might not know that their small act is actually so meaningful to me.

to Colin Kaepernick for using the right voice, and brave enough to share to the world, I think having the guts to speak the important thing is definitely hard, and I guess I take something important from him 🙂 I think sports is more than just having fun, and I’m so sorry for what happened to Mestu Özil, and Raheem Sterling for the thing that happened but I’m happy to be your fans guuys 🙂


Definitely I would say Kendrick Lamar, Twenty One Pilots, Chance the Rapper…I would never thought that actually someone will use the song How Great is Our God on a GRAMMY’s show..showing the positivity through our faith is definitely hard people might considered us as a fanatic, weirdo, and so on..But I think God is the one that able to making us stay grounded, because we really nobody at the end of the day..hence I would say that the important thing is letting God blessings to whatever we do 🙂 I’m amazed by Chance the Rapper for quitting smoking and share his devotions on internet 🙂

I would say thank you to Kendrick on sharing the way he believed in God, through a grandma that prayed for him, his story thought me that smaller thing that we did might be so helpful to others without use realising it. I understand it hard sometimes to forgive, I even don’t believe on whats actually circulating on my own surroundings, but I need to understand that God letting it happened because He loves me 🙂 and letting me know that I’m not alone.

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