+aquaman review :movie and music+

Hello guys today I watched the movie Aquaman..well definitely some of you guys might thought that I’m probably late to watch the movie..but I watched it with my brother and my dad. Well I’m not a fan of movie based on a comic book, but I have to say that Aquaman, and Black Panther are my faves by far..I KNOW THEY ARE FROM DIFFERENT COMIC BOOK ! but story wise I love it, and the musics are the best by far for me.

I have to say that the movie creates a perfect story line, its a perfect bell shape, and its characters were described really well, so I don’t think there was/were any not so important interventions to the character’s story. And even the introduction was clearly described the main character’s purpose of life..so I love it. The fact that the actor of the movie, Jason Mamoa is super cool, and I think he really embraces the Aquaman image, usually I’m not a fan of a superhero film but his acting was great, and Amber Heard also amazing too..I love her too, she’s so pretty, hahahaha and Jason Mamoa is so good looking too…other than Killmonger hehehehe

So the theme was having fun, carefree, there’s a little melancholy story over there, a bit drama but not too much, I think that’s very perfect for the song Everything I Need, because at the end of the day..although Aquaman is the strongest man in the ocean, but I think he has a soft spot too..Ocean to Ocean by Pitbull featuring Rhea is also perfect to the theme..definitely other than the Ocean theme, but its embracing the carefree-ness of the ocean, where it has a lot of open space, for us to explore, just being the best of our own self, and have funnn…I would say I’ll rate this movie 9/10 so you guys need to watch it

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