+Eva Celia+

Hello guys, I’m back with another Indonesian artist that you need to check out, none other Eva Celia. Eva Celia is the daughter of Indra Lesmana, and Sophia Latjuba, Eva is a such talented singer, she was nominated for best singer for Soul/R&B/Urban in Indonesia back in 2016. I know about her about 2 years ago, before I left for studying abroad.

For me Against Time is one of her best songs, and it needs to be more appreciated. I think currently the music genres themselves are currently have a broader language. For example when you heard a Jazz song, it’s not 100% jazz music but it’s more into a fusion. I think it’s part of the target market as well, because it will be harder to target a specific group of people at the moment.

Other than that her debut album called And so It Begins got such an attention in Indonesia, no wonder she got a lot of fans back in Indonesia as well. Although I usually going to pick a few songs from an album, but her songs are really hard to resists. All I could say is that she is also define herself, as Eva more than just relying on her parents name. For example a lot of the musicians kids back at home, are just more likely to relying on their parents name, and be the instagram stardom. But Eva Celia just keeps on creating what she likes, and be herself, that’s why I love the simplicity of her, and her music, and even her Instagram photos are so aesthetic 🙂 I mean I usually very picky, because in Indonesia a lot of kids thought making songs are a piece of cake, or they just rap to look cool…but anyways check out Eva’s songs on the spotify that I linked down.

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