Hello guys while waiting for the Premier League matches, I updated the instagram posts from the people that I followed, so Memphis Depay apparently dropped the music that he has working on in the past days. Before continuing reading this post, Memphis Depay is one of my favourite football player at the moment, he just got the right swag to pull of, both inside the field, and outside, another extra point that I would like to give to him is the devotion that he posted almost everyday 🙂 .For the record this is not the first time Memphis Depay released a music. Check out on the other post on the section of Sports, and Music.

Few months ago, he released a song with a Dutch rapper Winnie, and he released a rap song for his celebration of 5 Mill instagram follower. Anyways although people might not like it, I think the song is pretty interesting, and the first time I heard a Dutch song is because of Memphis, my grandad from my mum’s side actually able to speak in Dutch, he was sent to a Dutch language school in the 1950s….back in Indonesia, so its funny because at the same time of the Dutch words are also similar to Indonesian language. But I also want to congratulate him, for what he achieved in this season, he improved so much from the previous season, based on the information that I got, and having something that he really enjoy like music actually help to motivate others that they can do music, despite having a different profession other than music.

His former team-mate Jesse Lingard was asked if he will released a record, like Memphis did, but Jesse wasn’t sure..but at the end of the day, music and other things outside the football pitch itself are actually helping others to find inspirations, and also helping others to find the community that they enjoy the most…anyways have a good day, and please pray for my new eCOE…hahahaha

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