Lonzo Ball Rap Game

Lonzo Ball Rap Game

Hello guys I hope you guys are equally excited as I am to have a Christmas celebration by the 25th. And before that is there anyone is an NBA or Basketball fans in general ? Basketball players are more open towards what their favourite music is, or some of them are actually showing what they’re capable of, while in the football world, player like Memphis Depay is actually showing his swaggy-ness on his own hobby, and there is no difference with Lonzo Ball, which apparently popping out on my search while looking at Memphis Depay’s music.


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But before looking at his musical status, Lonzo Ball is such a talented younger, the 1997 liner have been awarded Rising Stars Challenge, NBA All-Rookie Second Team all in 2018, and he just started his professional career in 2017. However, outside basketball as his career his musical career is something that people need to consider, and take him as a serious musical artist. Similar to what happened in the rap industry he got a dissed track to take someone that dissed him before hand 🙂 I think after this I might become an NBA fans but..who knows. 

Lonzo Ball released his debut album, called Born 2 Ball in this year, where the album got some achievements back in March, Born 2 Ball peaked at No. 42 on Billboard‘s Independent Albums chart and No. 13 on its Heatseekers Albums chart. Where in my opinion its a huge achievement(s) considering he is able to do something outside basketball, and I hope that Memphis Depay will do the same thing later one. Although I’m not able to rap…but I think its a new poet, I mean you wrote something that you’ve experience, or feel before hand, or something that you want to achieve in the next future, and music is something that able to unite a lot of people despite our differences in life..let me know what do you think guys 🙂

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